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Traveller Set Forest

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AMAZONAS Traveller Set Forest is the perfect all-in-one package for all your outdoor adventures, including a hammock, tarp, and suspension system from our traveller series.

Lightweight and Portable

Our traveller series is the perfect combination of weight, stability, and affordability, making it the ideal starting point for outdoor enthusiasts.

Complete Set:

Hammock: The Moskito Traveller forest is a professional outdoor hammock with a fixed mosquito net suspension installation that can be hung up and taken down quickly. The stretched mosquito net provides protection from insects, and there is no need for additional ridgeline anchoring points.

Tarp: The Traveller Tarp forest weighs only 650g, making it extremely light and compact.

Suspension: The Adventure Rope, which can support up to 150 kg, is half the size of a mobile phone when packed. It can be securely suspended anywhere thanks to tree protection and continuous adjustment.

Perfect Camouflage

The forest look features a pattern of leaves, trees, and forest colors that blends seamlessly into the background, making the tarp and hammock inconspicuous and melting into the background.

Perfectly Rounded Off

The package weighs only 1,240g, barely more than a pair of hiking boots. If it gets colder, you can add our Underquilt-Poncho (sold separately) to complete your set.

Lying surface: ca. 275 x 140 cm
Load-bearing Capacity: max. 150 kg
Weight: ca. 1.240g
mosquito net: yes, ca. 155-230 meshes / square inch
Pack size: ca. 24.5. x 8.5 cm, ca. 25 x 10 cm, ca. 13 x 4 cm,
Water column: ca. 3.000 mm
360° weather protection: No
Tree protection: Yes
thermal compartment: No
Size: Regular
Ultralight-Revolution: Ultra-Light