Durable, adaptable, and practical equipment designed for camping enthusiasts who venture out into the wilderness.

Introducing Traveller Camp: the ultimate adventure hammock gear designed for outdoor enthusiasts who love to explore the wild. It's user-friendly, lightweight, portable, and versatile, making it perfect for your next micro-adventure.

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Hammock + tarp + mosquito net
Protects you from rain + wind + even the tiniest insects
Easily transportable with the spacious packsack

Having been in the business of designing and selling camping gear since 1992, we are well-versed in our craft and have a deep understanding of what works best for outdoor enthusiasts.

30 years ago, the Amazonas brand was born in the lush jungles of Ecuador. Our founder, Matthias Saul, worked with expert guides from the Huaorani Indian tribe to construct his very first hammock. Although it was heavy (weighing approximately 7kg/15.4lb) and not completely effective in keeping rain and mosquitoes out, this experience ignited Matthias's passion for creating camping gear that was versatile, lightweight, and easy to assemble.

Today, Traveller Camp is the newest addition to our impressive lineup of innovative gear designed specifically for wild camping enthusiasts.


Get all you need for your outdoor adventure with our hammock-tarp-net combo.

Our gear is built to last and effortless to assemble.

Traveller Camp is constructed with 100% polyester ripstop material and features a PUR coating to ensure durability and protect against the toughest outdoor conditions. With adjustable snap hooks, you can easily tighten the tarp for added security, while the ridgeline inside allows you to attach additional gear such as a small lamp or fuel gauge.

Easily grab and go whenever you're in need of an escape.

The Traveller Camp weighs only 3.7 lbs/1.67 kg and comes with a spacious packsack that features attached straps for added compression and decreased volume. But wait, there's more! The packsack's bottom is made of durable net fabric to help you quickly dry out after a rainy night.


Setting up your Traveller Camp is easy. Follow these steps:


Secure the "anchor loops" to a commonly used tree suspension for your hammock.


Use the "nite ize" snap hook to tauten and adjust the ridgeline of the tarp.


Adjust the tension of the hammock using the hanging straps.


Secure the four "side corners" of the tarp by attaching them to the four lines and pegs.

Check out all the specifications below for the Traveller Camp outdoor hammock gear.


Our gear is constructed with 100% polyester ripstop material and features a PUR coating for added durability. The packsack measures 25 x 10 cm / 10 x 4 inches.


The Traveller Camp hammock measures approximately 275 cm / 108 inches in length (including suspension loops) and 140 cm / 55 inches in width. It can accommodate a max groundpad size of 240 x 64 cm / 94 x 25 inches. Our hammock is constructed with 100% extra-strength, soft, and breathable nylon ripstop material.


The Traveller Camp mosquito net is constructed with 1000-1500 meshes per square inch for added strength and protection against even the smallest insects. Our netting is soft and see-through thanks to the extra small meshes used in its design. Additionally, the net provides an extremely spacious area of 4m²/43 sq feet.

Here's what customers are saying about our hammock gear.

“Best hammock I ever slept in!”

Jens H, Verified Customer

Here's what customers are saying about our hammock gear.

“No backache anymore! I could lay diagonally in the hammock; my back was straight the whole night through.”

Bernhard K, Verified Customer

Here's what customers are saying about our hammock gear.

“All you need for an overnighter, even in wintertime!”

Sandra S, Verified Customer

Here's what customers are saying about our hammock gear.

“Extremely light equipment. Took almost no space in my backpack. But still robust, even for a heavy guy like me.”

Oliver D, Verified Customer

Experience the ultimate outdoor adventure with Traveller Camp. Our gear is lightweight, versatile, and highly functional.

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