Amazonas Ultra-Light


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Looking for a hammock suspension system that's easy to use and won't harm the trees? The AMAZONAS T-Strap is the answer! With its extra-wide tree surround, this suspension set is gentle on the bark and allows you to enjoy your hammock without harming nature.

The T-Strap set comes with two special anchoring straps, each with an aluminum retaining pin that connects to the hammock loop for a secure hold. The 25mm wide strap won't damage the tree, and the adjustable buckle lets you adjust the strap length from 15 to 220cm, giving you flexibility in finding the perfect height for your hammock. The total range of adjustment is from 30 to 440cm.

Included in the package are two straps with holding pins, so you're ready to start hanging your hammock right away.

Total Length: ca. 15-220 (2x)
Load-bearing capacity: max. 200 kg
Weight:  ca. 250g
Material: polyester silk (weatherproof), aluminium, steel
Tree protection: Yes
Ultra-light Revolution: light