Amazonas Ultra-Light

Adventure Rope

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AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Adventure Rope Set: The Perfect Solution for Your Hammock, Weighing Only 90g!

Revolutionary Ultra-Light Technology

Our rope set is the perfect solution for those on the go, weighing in at just 90g! Made from high-tech, “Super High Molecular Weight Polyethylene” material, these ropes are weatherproof, compact and can support up to 150 kg! The set includes two ropes, practical peg, tree-friendly Tree Strap, drip lines, and soft carabiner for easy attachment to the hammock loop.

Multi-Functional and Easy to Use

Our ropes are easily adjustable and can be continuously adapted to your preferred height and position. The extra-wide tree surround ensures that trees remain protected, and won't be damaged by the ropes. This means you can relax in your hammock without worrying about any harm caused to the trees around you.

Ideal for any hammock and outdoor adventure

Our Ultra-Light Adventure Rope set is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast who wants to relax in a hammock without carrying heavy and bulky equipment. It can be used with any hammock and is suitable for all outdoor activities. So, whether you’re camping in the woods or simply enjoying a lazy afternoon in your backyard, our Adventure Rope Set is the perfect choice!

Total Length: 35-150 cm + 90 cm strap (2x)
Load-bearing capacity: max. 150 kg
Weight:  ca. 90g
Material: Super high molecular weight polyethylene,
Pack size: ca. 13 x 4 cm
Tree protection: Yes
Ultra-light Revolution: Ultra-light