Amazonas Ultra-Light

Moskito Traveller Thermo XXL

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Introducing the AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Hammock Mosquito Traveller Thermo XXL, the perfect outdoor hammock for tall individuals over 6'3". No longer will you have to worry about slipping thermal mats on cold nights as this hammock features a diagonal compartment that securely holds typical trekking thermal mats, up to 7cm thick, with reinforced seams for added durability.

And that's not all, this ultra-light hammock also provides permanent protection from flying and crawling insects, so you can sleep soundly knowing you're safe from mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, ants, and cockroaches. The mosquito net comes with spreader bars and drip lines, and can be easily stretched out to create a spacious and comfortable internal space.

But if you prefer to sleep without the mosquito net, the Mosquito Traveller Thermo XXL has got you covered. Simply remove the spreader bars and the guy rope, and turn the lying surface downwards. The net will cling to the bottom of the new lying surface, giving you the flexibility to use the hammock however you please.

Lying Surface: ca. 305 x 160 cm
Full Length: ca. 335 cm
Load Capacity: max. 200 kg
Weight ca. 780g
Pack Size:

ca. 31 x 11 cm

Max. dimensions ground pad:

ca. 240 x 64 cm

Material: 100% Nylon-Ripstop (210D)
Ultralight-revolution:  Light
Incl. suspension: No
Impregnation: No
Mosquito net: Yes, ca. 155-230 meshes / square inch
Spreader bar: Yes
Thermal compartment or built-in thermal protection: Yes