Amazonas Ultra-Light

Adventure Tarp

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AMAZONAS Adventure Tarp: Perfect for ultra-light hammocks, one of the world's lightest hammock tarps!

Easy to hang

The Adventure Tarp is simple to hang with its adjustable carabiner and Y-shaped aluminum pegs. It even has small pockets to store the guy ropes.

Protection from the rain and sun

The tarp's trapezoidal shape allows air to circulate while providing shelter from the rain, sun, and debris. All anchoring points come with pockets for the guy ropes. It's robust and versatile, even when not used with a hammock.

Probably the world's lightest suspended tent!

Combining the "Adventure Mosquito Hammock Thermo" with the "Adventure Ropes" creates what may be the world's lightest hanging tent, weighing only about 940g. It's perfect for any adventure!

Material: 100% extra strong Nylon Ripstop (20 D) with top-quality twofold silicon coating, aluminium Y-pegs
Weight:  ca. 380 g
Pack Size: ca. 27.5 x 8.5 cm
Water Column: ca. 2.000mm
360° weather protection: No
Ultralight-Revolution: Ultra-Light