Amazonas Ultra-Light

2-in-1 Treehugger

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AMAZONAS Tree Hugger: Hammock Suspension Extension and Tree Protector

Multi-purpose Design

The AMAZONAS Tree Hugger is a versatile hammock accessory that serves multiple purposes. It extends the suspension ropes of your hammock and works in conjunction with the Adventure Rope to provide added protection to trees. It also features a protective tree belt that helps prevent damage from narrow suspension ropes.

Tree-Friendly and Durable

The Tree Hugger has an extra-wide tree surround that's gentle on trees and doesn't cause any harm or damage to the bark. You can hang your hammock without worrying about harming the trees. The Tree Hugger is also made from durable materials that can withstand outdoor elements, so you can use it on all your outdoor adventures.

Total Length: ca. 80 (2x)
Load-bearing capacity: max. 150 kg
Weight:  ca. 234g
Material: 100% polyester silk
Tree protection: Yes
Ultra-light Revolution: Ultra-light